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History in Stores

Sometimes you may want to keep the history of values in your Store, so you can navigate back in time to build an undo-function or maybe just for debugging…

fritz2 offers a history service to do so.

val store = object : RootStore<String>("") {
    val history = history<String>().sync(this)

This way you synchronise the history with the updates of your Store, so each new value will be added to the history automatically.

Without sync(), you have to add new entries to the history manually by calling history.add(entry).

You can access the complete history via its Flow as a List of entries. For your convenience history also offers

  • a Flow<Boolean> called available representing if entries are available (e.g., to show or hide an undo button)
  • a last() method to access the latest entry
  • a back() method to get the latest entry and remove it from the history
  • a reset() method to clear the history

So for a Store with a minimal undo function you just have to write:

val store = object : RootStore<String>("") {
    val history = history<String>().sync(this)
    // your handlers go here (add history.reset() here where suitable)

    val undo = handle {


render {
    div("form") {
        // insert your form here
        button("btn") {
            className( { if (it) "" else "hidden" })
            clicks handledBy store.undo

To see a more mature undo function in action, go to our repositories example.

Distributed by a MIT license.